After the unbelievable success of PUBG Mobile, “Activision” developed Mobile version of Call of Duty. They are calling it, COD Mobile. Earlier, the name COD Legends of War was being used. This Particular article is devoted to Share the Procedure of Playing COD Mobile on Windows PC.

As you know, a huge number of Players play PUBG Mobile on PC. There is a separate class of players who love playing the game on PC. After the release of COD Mobile Beta Version, People are Interested in Play COD Mobile on PC. Here, I am sharing All the working methods to play Mobile Version of Call of Duty on Windows i.e. Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 & Windows 10.

Why Play COD Mobile on PC?

I have seen lots of discussions on Reddit & other platforms where many gamers don’t like the idea of Playing Mobile Games on PC.

It is true that Mobile Games Should be played on Mobile only. However, if lots of players want to play the Game on Mobile, companies can develop a system where PC Players can play the mobile version on their Computers and they are matched with similar players. This System ensures transparency.

Tencent has successfully implemented this system for PUBG Mobile and they have Happy players.

Here are the Top reasons why Playing COD Mobile on PC is a Great Idea:

Better Graphics: Playing on PC will certainly provide Better Graphics to the Players. Having a Good Graphics Card will be an additional benefit.

Better Controls: I really don’t admire Game Controls in Smartphones. There is nothing you can do except playing the same game on PC for better control. You can use your Mouse, Keyboard and in some cases Gamepads too.

Competitive Gameplay: As mentioned before, developers are now using Systems that would match PC players with similar players only. This will ensure that the same level of Competitiveness is there. Playing on PC will result in competitive gameplay.

System Requirements to Play Call of Duty Mobile on Windows PC

Here are the requirements that your computer should meet in order to run COD Mobile Version :

Any Windows Operating System i.e. Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. Both 32 Bit and 64 Bit Systems will do.

Minimum 4 GB of RAM: Although 2 GB Ram works fine in most of the cases, Minimum 4 GB is suggested for a Better experience.

Minimum 512 MB Graphics Card: For Better Experience, Minimum 512 MB Graphics Card is recommended. Better Graphics Card will result in better Gameplay.

High-Speed Internet Connection: As COD Mobile is a Battle Royale Game, High-Speed Internet Connection (Broadband) is required. As per my experience, Connection with at least 8 MBPS Download Speed will work fine.

Additional Software: You can’t directly install the game on your Computer. You will need an Additional Software, known as Android Emulator on your System. Nowadays, Developers are providing Dedicated emulator Software for particular games (Example: Tencent Gaming Buddy).

How to Download & Play COD Mobile on PC (Windows 7,8,10)

Now, let’s discuss the most important aspect i.e. How to Play Mobile version of Call of Duty on PC. Let me explain Step by Step :

  • First of All, Download any Good Android Emulator Software
  • Once Downloaded, Install it on your System
  • Then Login using your Google Account
  • Now, Open up “Google Play Store” and Search for “COD Mobile”
  • Once you see it, Click on Install to Download & Install the Game.
  • After Installed, you will see the Game Shortcut on the home screen, Tap on it to Start Playing

Note: Before Start Playing, Configure the Game Controls in the Settings Section.

I hope this Article Explained the Process of Playing COD Mobile on PC. Still, have doubts, Feel Free to Share them in the comments section below.

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