Call of Duty Elite

Call of Duty Elite is the latest offer from the call of duty series, allowing you to get the latest content. They have decided to release more content for the game throughout the year. You can choose to buy the content as it is released or pay upfront and become a Call of Duty Elite member and get the content as it is released all year around. It will range from new maps to new special ops missions and some more classified which we will not announce until nearer the time. There will be over 20 new maps released through 2012 and you will hear about them here first. If you want to hear the information as it is release you can subscribe to our newsletter and we will email you as the information gets releases so you can always stay up to date with everything related to call of duty.

To become an elite member you have to sign up and create a Call of Duty Elite account --> Purchase a premium membership --> Play your game

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