Valkyrie Rockets

The objective is in your sight, but you dont have any backup and theres no time left to wait. You need to take out a group of soliders defending your objective.

Then welcome Valkyrie Rockets

valkyrie first person view

The Valkyrie Rocket Killstreak is accessible after achieveing 7 kills. Activiating this will call in a Care Package that will drop a launcher and 2 rockets. Retreive the launcher and move into position.

After you have launched your rocket, you will keep control of it. It will travel at very high speed and does not have alot of mobility. You and swerve it around objects and rooftops. Enermies are highlighted to make targeting easier. If you need to speed the rocket up as the target is running for cover use the boost function. This rocket also has a manual detonation trigger for extra power and control.

valkyrie rocket view

The Valkyrie Rockets killstreak is particularly effective when defending objectives from a distance. Taking down the enermies defending a Domination point of a flag. This is also used to clear headquaters more quickly and keeps you in cover.

How will you use the Valkyrie Rockets? Will you save them to defend and assault objectives, wait for groups of enemies to open themselves up to fire, or simply let loose into the open skies, guiding the rocket across the map and into the enemy lines?