Napalm Strike

Soliders coming in fast? Nowhere to go? nowhere to hide? Call in the Napalm Strike!

napalm strike

The Napalm Strike killstreak can be called after you have 5 kills. Pick a target area on your top and a pilot will be released straight over it and drop a load of napalm onto the target area.
Not only will the initial drop take out anyone unlucky enough to get caught in the blast, but the napalm will also continue to burn, incinerating anyone stupid enough to get too close.


This is extremely helpful during objective-based matches where the enermy are closing in and there is nobody around to deal with the threat. Calling in a strike is the only chance you have of defending it and will greatful improve your team.
We get in there fast, too, so the enemy won’t have much time to react and run for cover.
How will you use the Napalm Strike? Will you shut down enemy routes, burn the objective directly, or simply let lose and wait for the numbers to pile up?