Call of Duty: Black Ops Maps

Here is the full Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer maps list. There are 14 maps in total, of all types of sizes and location variations are catered for. Click each link to get a birds eye view of the map.

Array – Large snow covered landscape. Good medium to long range fighting.
Cracked – Streets of Vietnam. Large map, well balanced for Search & Destroy.
Crisis – Cuban base. Medium size, ideal for indoor and outdoor battles.
Firing Range – Small Military practice facility. Hectic Domination games.
Grid - Small Russian power grid. Plenty of tactical spots for fighting.
Hanoi – NVA prison camp. Medium size, excellent for Headquarters matches.
Havana - Medium size Cuban city. Filled with tactical street fights.
Jungle – Large map set deep in the Vietnam jungle. Great vertical gameplay.
Launch – Medium size, close quarters map set on space launch facility. Perfect for any game mode.
Nuke Town – Small Nuclear testing grounds. Fast-paced action on a small map.
Radiation – Medium size abandoned power station. A well balanced map for any play style.
• Summit – Research facility on a snowy mountain. Fight from all angles. Medium size.
Villa – Medium size urban estate. Good corridors for long range firefights.
WMD – An old Soviet base. Intense Capture the Flag matches. Medium size.