Black Ops Facts

There are some great new features for Call of Duty Black Ops which we can share with you before it is even released. This is exclusive information brought to you by Treyarch's Community Manager for Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Multiplayer Online Split-Screen Support
This is proberly the most unknown but yet still confirmed aspect of Black Ops Multiplayer. The online Split-Screen support that has only been added and never before seen in Call of Duty. This will apply to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The Facts:
You can connect a 2nd controller and bring a Guest online (i.e. "Sargent_John" & "Sargent_John(1)").
Guests can rank up, earn unlocks, etc - all Guest progress goes away once signed out.
(Xbox 360 only) You can bring a 2nd, Gold Xbox LIVE account online!
(Xbox 360 only) Both players with full online accounts can rank-up while playing split-screen, as if on two separate consoles.

Custom Games Editor
introducing the new Black Ops Custom Games editor!! Private matches have never been as customizable as they are now, with players having the ability to change every aspect of the level from lots of different areas. These area's are Time Limit, Score Limit, Weapons, Perks, Gear. If you only want a pistol match, go right ahead and make one.

Every game you customize can be placed onto File Share for all your friends and the Call of Duty community to browse and download and enjoy. Try and create the best level known to the COD Community!

In-Game Friends List
Call of Duty now has a built-in Friends List built right into the User Interface (also known as UI). You will be able to browse recent players you have playd with, see where your friends are playing, navigate to their file shares, recent games, combat records all built right into the interface. This will also make sending invites alot quicker and more simple.

Regional Matchmaking & Party Privacy
Is the lag anoying you? playing from people all over the world? well Treyarch has fixed it. They now allow you to play other players in your region. This will make communication and gameplay must more playable and more enjoyable.

Additionally, given Black Ops will support joining games in progress via an even simpler built-in in-game Friends List interface, we’ll allow a Party leader to lock down his lobby to Invite Only, Friends Only, or even Close it altogether if he wants to be in complete control over who enters and exits the Party Lobby.

Emblems Do NOT Reset with Prestige
This pretty much exlpains itself. Emblems are one of the only aspects of Black Ops MP that do not get a full reset upon entering Prestige. Things that will reset when you Prestige are: XP, COD Points, Challenge progressions, Loadouts, etc.

So that’s just a few of the lesser-known components to Call of Duty: Black Ops MP, officially confirmed in one location! What I just described applies to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and the PC -- except for the Split Screen Online play, Regional Matchmaking, and Party Privacy. That’s just 360 and PS3.