black ops contracts

Call of duty Black Ops multiplayer has now introducted contracts. These contracts are paid for via your COD Points which will then be activated upon purchase. These will have to be completed within a certain time limit. Upon completion of a contract you will be rewarded with higher COD Points and sometimes even more XP.

Contracts are listed in 3 categories as follows;
The mercenary contract's for example "SPAS Cruelty" is bought for 50 COD Points, to complete this you must get 25 kills with the SPAS in 40-minutes of time alive in-game. The reward for completing this particular contract would be 250 COD Points.

Treyarch are making it priority to keep the game up to date. This will mean even if you was to complete the contracts really fast, there will be a new selection of contracts within 7 days. So keep your eyes out guys it will be updated very shortly.

So if you are thinking about doing a contract, then get it started and get it done. Who knows when you will lose that chance to complete them for when the next batch come out.