Black ops 2

Black ops 2 release date will soon be announced. As you can imagine Treyarch will be taking control of this which will be a highly anticipated game. There is no exact date set for this set but some inside info from callofduty-hq thinks the release date will be sometime in November 2 012. We are led to believe that the platforms will be the usual such as; Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and of course the PC. Black ops 2 will be the 9th game to the call of duty series. All of you cod fans will be anticipating this as we are told there will be something new to the multiplayer scene.

Black ops 2 has been spotted on Amazon in France last week but was soon taken down by Moderators for which reason we do not know. It was priced at 69,99 EUR, We do not know if this is a genuine price or not but we have no reason to expect it to be any different to the other releases of the cod series. Treyarch has been quick to purchase the domain name and we know that it is registered by them and they will be using this. This is another reason we know there will be a release for call of duty black ops.

Storyline, if you was wondering where the black ops 2 game will start off. Then you do not need to think too hard about it. The black ops 2 game will be starting straight off from where its prequel left off. Another sneak peak for you COD fans is a Linkedin profile of an artist who worked at contract art studio Nerve Software and worked on past Activision projects has listed Black ops 2 as a title presently in development.

There is also a floating rumour going around that there will be a new console release. Treyarch are asking for a senior web platform developer which we believe is to develop the call of duty black ops 2 game specifically for the new console.

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