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Multiplayer Game Modes

  • Free-for-All - Every man for deathmatch. There are no teams, kill everyone you see. When one player reaches the score limit the top three scoring players win.
  • Team Deathmatch - Two teams, each team is trying to kill the other. The first team to reach the score limit wins. If neither team reaches the score limit before time runs out, the team with the highest score wins.
  • Search and Destroy - Teams take turns defending and destroying an objective.
  • Sabotage - There is one bomb in the center of the map. Each side is trying to get this bomb and take it to the objective. First team to destroy the objective with the bomb wins.
  • Domination - There are three flags on the map. By standing next to one you will capture it. Every five seconds your team will get one point for each flag you have. The first team to 200 points wins.
  • Headquarters - Capture the HQ and defend it from the enemy.
  • Capture the Flag - In this game mode you must capture the enemy's flag, then return it to your base. If your flag is still there, you win. Of course, the enemy is trying to do the same thing to you.
  • Demolition - There are two bomb sites. One team defends them, the other tries to blow them up.
  • 3rd Person - To use the 3rd Person camera to your advantage, you must be able to manipulate the camera so that you can peek around corners while staying hidden behind a wall. Also any attachments and perks you add will, drastically affect the accuracy of your gun. Steady Aim is highly recommended.
  • Hardcore - Hardcore changes the game rules to make it harder and more realistic. Weapons do more damage, which means some weapons become one-hit kills. The minimap goes away, which makes some perks and accessories (scrambler and silencers for example) worthless. The hip-fire aiming reticule goes away which makes under-barrel grenade launchers more difficult to aim.

Kill Streaks

A kill streak is when you kill three or more enemies without being killed. You start of with only the UAV, Care Package and the Predator missile. Every five levels after unlocking killstreaks, you will gain the ability to unlock a new killstreak. You can choose any killstreak, but be aware that some killstreaks require a large number of kills to activate and you will rarely, if ever be able to use them. You can only have three killstreaks active at any one time. You can also use the perk Hardline to decrease the amount of kills needed by 1 for every single killstreak.

Kill Streaks and Rewards
Kills Reward Effect
3 Kills UAV Shows the location of enemies on the mini-map.
4 Kills Care Package Air drops a package, the first player to pick it up from either team will get ammo or a random kill streak (note that kills earned from the random streak does not count towards your kill streak count).
4 Kills Counter UAV Disables enemy radar and GPS
5 Kills Sentry Gun Airdrops a sentry gun. Pick it up and place it wherever you like. It will automatically shoot any enemies it sees.
5 Kills Predator Missile Shoots a guided missile from the sky.
6 Kills Precision Airstrike An airstrike that kills every enemy in a rectangular area.
7 Kills Harrier Strike Two Harriers attack the area. The first two drops bombs, while the other one shoots a machine-gun.
7 Kills Attack Helicopter One attack helicopter that shoots enemies.
8 Kills Emergency Airdrop Air drops 4 packages, each package contains ammo or a random kill streak (note that kills earned from the random streaks does not count towards your kill streak count).
9 Kills Pave Low One attack helicopter that shoots enemies. Harder to shoot down than the regular attack helicopter.
9 Kills Stealth Bomber An airstrike that kills every enemy in a rectangular area. The enemy does not get a warning about this airstrike.
11 Kills Chopper Gunner One attack helicopter, and you get to work the guns.
11 Kills AC-130 Gunship An AC-130 Gunship with several different type of guns, circles the area from above. You get to shoot the guns.
15 Kills EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) Disables enemy dot sights, radar, and heartbeat sensors. Any enemy killstreaks in the sky (UAVs, harriers, attack helicopters, chopper gunners, AC-130s, etc.) also gets destroyed.
25 Kills Tactical Nuke Kills all players on both teams and ends the match. The team that launched the nuke wins the match.


  • UAV - shows the location of enemies on your mini-map. This will allow you to get more kills and extend your killstreak.
  • Care Package - when you get this killstreak you will get a smoke marker. Throw it on the ground and after a few seconds a helicopter will fly by and drop a crate. Be sure you throw the marker in an open area, if the crate lands on top of a building you won't be able to collect it. Also make sure you're in a secure location, enemies can see on their mini-map where a crate is and will try to kill you as you pick it up. Be aware that enemies can also steal the crate from you. When you do collect the crate If one of your teammates picks up the crate they can use it, but you will will get 300 xp for "sharing" it. Inside the crate is a random kill streak reward. If you're luck you'll get an AC-130, a Chopper Gunner or even an EMP. If you're not lucky you'll get a crate of ammo. Be aware that a falling crate can kill a player, including the player that called for it.
  • Sentry Gun - It's possible to rack up a lot of kills with a sentry gun, if you place it in the right position. It will only shoot enemies in front of it, so put it in a place where no one can sneak up behind it. You also want to put it in a place with a lot of enemy activity, or near an objective.
  • Emergency Airdrop - Four supply crates can give your team a huge boost. It can also let you rack up XP if you collect all the airstrikes and items. But it can also lose the game for you and your team if you drop it in a place where your enemy can pick up all the crates.
  • Stealth Bomber - For this airstrike you choose a starting point and a direction for the bomb run. The bomb run will continue to the end of the map, so always put the starting point on the edge of the map and have the bomb run go all the way across the map.

Death Streaks

If you die three or more times without killing an enemy you're on a deathstreak.

Death Streaks and Rewards
Deaths Reward Unlocked Effect
4 Deaths Copycat Level 4 Copy your killer's class during the killcam. A good way for lower-level players to access new weapons.
3 Deaths Painkiller Level 6 When you spawn you get a health boost for 10 seconds.
4 Deaths Martyrdom Level 27 When you are killed you drop a frag grenade which goes off after a few seconds. Hopefully it will kill whoever killed you. You do not need to have a frag grenade as an equipment in order to use this death streak.
4 Deaths Final Stand Level 39 Instead of dying you become wounded. For a while you can crawl, shoot, use equipments and special equipments. If no one shoots you during this time you can fully recover.


  • In order to copy your killer's class while having the copycat death streak, click "1" or "2" on your keyboard while viewing the killcam.
  • If you have fully recovered from a Final Stand and have been killed again, you will not be in a Final Stand for the second time.


Afghan - a mostly outdoor map with plenty of long range sniping opportunities. Near some of the northern borders of the map are radiation zones which will injure you if you enter them. When you first play on this map, you might notice a large cliff just west of the crashed aircraft's tail that is very popular place for snipers. A little known fact about this cliff is that at the bottom of the cliff are a bunch of mattress, and because of these mattresses, you will not lose health when walking of the cliff. afgan
Derail - a large snowy map centered around a train loading dock. A mix of interior and exterior spaces require both long and short ranged weapons. This map has lots of sniping opportunities, especially on the more open western and southern sides of the map. derail
Estate - this level is centered around a house that is very similar to the one on the Loose Ends mission of the single player campaign. You will often find snipers inside the house shooting down onto the rest of the map, and snipers shooting into the house from the smaller buildings around the house. Any medium to long range weapons are good here. estate
Favela - this is not the same area as the "Favela" on the Takedown level of the single player campaign. It densely filled with two and three story buildings. Watch for enemies on rooftops and balconies. depending on your play style, SMGs and assault rifles are your best bet. Steady aim or commando could also lend a helping hand. fevela
Highrise - a small map, it has two interior spaces separated by a central exterior space. Because of its small size enemies will often be found near your spawn point. highrise
Invasion - a city map filled with many different paths and interiors in which you can find people in. At the far wnd is a castle like structure which is a good place to call in care packages. Any type of weapon is applicable in this map. invasion
Karachi - a medium sized map with lots of interior space and plenty of room to room combat. Close range weapons are your best bet in this map. karachi
Quarry - a medium size map that encourages sniping and air attacks. Assault rifles and snipers are best for this map, but close range weapons are good for the interior areas. Commando Pro perk might come in handy since this map has alot of levels. quarry
Rundown - a village separated in two halves by a river. Watch for snipers and ambushes when crossing any of the three bridges. On the far left of the map, there is a wide open space that is almost never used, so this is the best place to use care packages. Expect to see a lot of fights on the bridges, and plenty of long range fights between windows. rundown
Rust - a small map with little cover. Partly seen in the Endgame mission. Expect fast action and plenty of both kills and deaths. A knifing class is the best choice for this map, since it is such a small map. Close range guns are recommended. Great for getting kills on secondary weapons. rust
Scrapyard - a small map with buildings on the outside and three ruined planes in the center. Mostly close range combat with some sniping locations. Action can occur anywhere on this map. scrapyard
Skidrow - a medium sized map built around two large buildings. Much of the combat is room to room. you can expect medium range fire fights on the outer edges of the map but most battles are concentrated in the building in the center of the map. skidrow
Sub Base - a large snowy map with a lot of choke points. If you find yourself pinned down at one of these points watch your back because enemies can go through one of the other choke points and flank you. Any type of weapon is welcome in this stage. subbase
Terminal - mostly interior with few sniping points (the windowed hallway in the center and the airplane). Expect long range battles in the corridors and many campers in the airplane. Be aware of airstrikes and/or predator missiles fired from above as the ceiling is mostly made from glass. terminal
Underpass - large exterior map. Many of the outdoor spaces are covered in tall grass. It is always raining on this map. Great for long range but has a few close range areas. underpass
Wasteland - large map with few interior spaces. The center of the map is dominated by a hedgerow that runs north to south. The entire map is a sniper's dream. There is a single bunker in the center of the map which is often the scene of intense hand grenade battles. Marathon may come in handy when flanking the enemy. wasteland